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Character Rules

Post by QueenJedi on Wed Jul 27, 2016 9:58 pm

Here's some rules for having characters:
1. You can AT MOST have 4 Protagonists AND 4 Antagonists, and up to 4 can be disposable (explanation of these types are in the About under the topic of "What are Protagonists and Antagonists).
2. NPCs can be used by ANYONE and DO NOT count as ANY of your characters.
3. Interaction between your character and another's has to be APPROVED by the user who owns the character.
4. If you post a picture to show what your character looks like and it was drawn by someone else or you used a character creator game to make it, PLEASE give credit where credit is due! If you can't remember who made the game or drew the picture, just say you didn't draw it yourself! Posting a pic of ANY of your characters is OPTIONAL, but can be useful).
5. Here is the character format of which you need to submit when making a new character:

Name: (Character's Full Known Name)
Nickname: (Whatever name your character prefers to be called)
Side: (Protagonist or Antagonist)
Age: (Not your age the character's)
Build: (skinny, bulky, average, etc).
Height: (Exact, approx, or just short or tall)
Skin: (Skin color)
Hair: (Color, Length, style, not necessarily in order)
Eye: (Color, shape is optional)
Other physical features: (Optional)
Personality: (Cheerful, depressed, etc.)
History: (If it's protagonist, tell what life was like before you were brought into the story. If antagonist, explain why you are antagonist)

6: You ARE allowed to change a character's side (protagonists can betray and antagonists can repent) at any time, as long as after post you update your character's info and add event to history, as well as changing their side, and as long is it will not exceed the maximum of the side you change them to.

Can't wait to see what characters join the story! queen

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